Fashion Design Classes (Fashion Sketch) for kids 8 to 16


Fashion Design Classes (Fashion Sketch) for kids 8 to 16

It’s time to join!

Sign up and ask about details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
Or fill a form: “Fashion Design Classes (Fashion Sketch) for kids 8 to 16”

We believe that it’s never too early to make first steps in mastering a creative skill. That’s why we have fashion design classes for beginners in our studio. We invite all young dreamers who want to bring something  new to the fashion world to visit these classes.

Theory and practice are basics of basics in learning fashion design. Children who join our studio get comprehensive education. Our experienced teachers explain them the subtleties of craft unobtrusively, and then kids create and implement their new ideas together and individually. As well as etiquette classes give skills that would be useful for them in their adult life.

Just after a few lessons in fashion design, each student creates something new and interesting. A purpose of our lessons is not to copy and repeat someone’s findings, but show that the world of imagination is infinite and has no borders. Young designers forget the words ‘too complex’ and ‘impossible’, and then they overcome any task.

A beginner wants to see the results of their work as soon as possible of course, and we are glad to give our students this possibility. The program of the classes includes preparation to a fashion show, and though the first show will be indoor simulation, children will remember this event as something very important. This is their first success and first glory! And who could know, your child may would like to get professional education as a fashion designer, or would also like to visit Interior design classes in Kyiv?

Our fashion design classes enthrall even parents. Dads and moms help young fashionistas to implement their ideas, give valuable advises. Kids are proud do share their success and newborn ideas. An interest to common activity rallies a family and provides warm memory about the time spent together.

The program of the class:

  • Technics of building fashion model.
  • Popular types of models.
  • How to draw it in right and beautiful way: shoes, hats, accessories.
  • Basics of color solutions: girls learn to combine and mix colors and fabrics.
  • Painting fabrics.
  • Combining of different styles in an apparel.
  • Fashion history.
  • The concept of color circle.
  • Creation of own fashion collection.
  • Creation of own sketches and models of shoes, gloves, hats, Создание собственных эскизов и моделей обуви, перчаток, шляпок, dresses, corsets.

To grow up with a good taste and skills to wear dresses and accessories properly, a girl should learn these skills.

  • During the classes, girls visit ateliers and boutiques of well known Ukrainian fashion designers.
  • They participate in various contests and festivals for young designers.
  • And visit fashion museums.

Fashion design classes in “FaVareli” studio:

IMG_4523 IMG_4490          


Careful individual approach and creative atmosphere that’s about the classes in “FaVareli” studio!

After signing the paperwork, a student receives all class materials, personal fashion notepad and participant’s pin.

Administrative questions:

All participants sign contracts for education.

Payments are due to day 10 of each month, by transfer to bank account as per a bill provided by a manager at the beginning of the month.

Discount of 5% if paid before day 5 of a month.

Each payment includes four weeks of education (12 hours per month).

Lessons missed due to school vacations, state holidays or sickness could be worked out in a parallel group by agreement with a teacher, or during special workout days, or online, or get a record of missed lesson.

Price in 2020/2021 school year – 2100 UAH per month.

All administrative questions could be solved at:

Vodaphone +38(095) 542-95-75

Kyivstar +38(098) 604-94-04

After completing a school year and an exam, each participant gets a diploma from Art Design Studio FaVareli

What’s included:

  • Personal fashion notepad.
  • Color circle.
  • Personal set of materials for defending a theses.
  • All required materials (designer markers, fabrics, leather, fur,  кожа, мех, beads, sequins, paper, other) to use in the studio during the classes.

Here are our classes for “FASHION SKETCH”!

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The lead teacher of “Young Fashion Designer” classes.

Being a perfectionist, Olena knows how to explain topics of the classes in a proper way, so students get a high result in their work. She graduated from National university of Technologies and Design in Kyiv as «Designer, Artist and Modellier». A participant of fashion collection shows at Ukranian Fashion Week , Holiday Fashion Week , Ukranian Fashion Week (Fresh Fashion), «Fashion Seasons. New Names». A participant of fashion collection show in Ukrainian House under patronage of President of Ukraine, a «Week of Britain Creativity» in British Council of Kyiv, a winner of contest of young designers «Chestnuts of Pechersk» in «New Classic» nomination in Kyiv, a finalist of «Fashion Seasons – Sight in Future» National contest under international fashion festival “Kiev Podium” in Kyiv.

Graduates of our classes participate in contests, join fashion colleges and universities in Ukraine, Europe, America.

They create own brands and start own model lines.

Class is designed for children 8 to 16 years old

Duration – 4 years x 9 months

Costs – 2100 UAH (equivalent of $90) per month

Sign up and ask for the details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
or use the feedback form: “Fashion Design Classes (Fashion Sketch) for children 8 to 16”