FASHION-Illustration-Sketch Class “Pros”

Bright and colorful class!

Duration of the class – 2 months.

Sign up and ask for details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
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  • Are a part of Fashion industry world already. You have own design studio, an atelier. You are employed in advertising, design, imagemaking, have a fashion blog or another profession in fashion world.
  • Dream to create own apparel brand, to draw quick and bright sketches for your customers. Want to surprise fashion magazines with your bright illustrations, create advertising illustrations or become a designer, a modeler in the future.
  • Attend fashion exhibitions, shows, are interested in fashion news and styles.
  • Dream to do fashion illustrations and sketches, but have no knowledge and skills to gain new highly demanded profession or found an own brand..
  • For everyone who wants to achieve maximum of knowledge, skills and inspiration in creative atmosphere.

To begin a career of FASHION ILLUSTRATOR, one does not need many years of training – a DESIRE is the most important to have! This way fits anyone who will gain skills in using pencil, watercolor, ink, markers. These drawing classes for adults are designed for you!


Your fashion style will appear while you study.

Indeed, there is almost impossible to replicate a style of another illustrator in fashion illustration. So there is your advantage: YOU WILL FIND YOUR OWN STYLE! And this will be your exact business card! Illustration does not suppose perfect artistic skills: all drawings take source in your soul, that’s why they are so beautiful… Also at our lessons: works of famous fashion illustrators, video clips from fashion history, plenty of paints, liners, decor, ink, pencils and rich art environment.


“Fashion Illustration-Sketch” Course program


  • What the Fashion illustration is? What the Fashion sketch is? Differences and similarities in different professions. Historical facts and well known persons in fashion illustration and design. Art tools and materials used in fashion illustration, in fast sketch, in design.
  • How to become a demanded designer-illustrator with own style. Basics of basics. Formations, proportions of a figure, of a face: front, profile, three quarters, from the back. Principles of constructing foreshortening positions of a head.
  • Improving skills in tools and materials for fashion illustrations. Working with color. Color wheel, color perception. Artistic techniques used in fashion illustration world. Working with a sketchbook.
  • Line, silhouette, volume. How to draw dresses in fashion illustration style. Creating textures. Print drawings.
  • Drawing accessories: bijouterie, bags, lipsticks and so on. Additional information for those interested: restoration classes.
  • Work with fabrics, materials, tinsels to create a spectacular fashion image. Stylization of a figure.
  • Practice while preparing an exam project.





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Class details

Deep class: 2 months, 2 times a week, 2 hours each lesson.

Afternoon group: Tuesday/Thursday 7 PM – 9 PM.

Up to 8 students in a group.

Costs of a deep class $140 (3950 UAH)/month, taxes are included.

Sign up or ask about other details:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
or by filling a form: Sign up to the class