Online Classes “Way of Modeler”: from Amateur’s Sketch to Professional Collection


Full accompaniment from AMATEUR level sketch to the FIRST collection!

These are the CLASSES that will help you to implement your dream –

Become a modeler-designer!

Duration of classes 3-9 months

Online classes: Wednesday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Offline classes: 5 – 302 Solomyanska st.

Costs: 3100 UAH per month

Sign up and ask for the details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
or fill the feedback form: Sign up for online class «Way of modeler»

If you doubt, or don’t know how to start, but you have a dream to win out the successful and bright world of Fashion life, these CLASSES are DEFINITELY FOR YOU!


ONLINE: 3-9 months, 1 time per week

Before we start, let’s take a look what modelers do, which skills they have to master, what to know and what to be able to do.

What modelers-designers do in their professional life:

A modeler designs new technological solutions and experimental samples, that would define a lookup and a style; draws sketches, monitors production of samples, interacts with ateliers, factories, tailors.  Participates in fashion shows and exhibitions. A fashion designer is a trendsetter. Being in a search for new images, a modeler draws a lot of sketches, basing on own taste, being inspired by various objects, appearances, shapes. A modeler should draw well, know the fashion history and be an expert in fabrics.

Modelers are always demanded in all countries around the world.

One can found own apparel brand and create collections that will be interesting and well sold, or can work in a team and implement own talents in a synergy with other designers.

(We offer classes on promoting own fashion business as well)

While studying at our classes, you will learn all the topics you need and that you will face when you create own collection and gain a profession of a modeler.

The program consists of 3 parts:

1. Sketching (3 month)
In the first part of the classes, students gain base knowledge, approaches and techniques in design, such as: graphic drawing, composition of human figure,  transfer of texture and texture of fabric. They learn the basics of composition and color, interesting details and facts from fashion history.


2. Design and sewing ( 3 month)
The second part of the classes starts from learning the basics of design and modeling of apparel, learning how to draw apparel. Students create their first samples for their collections or order sewing with a professional tailor. They learn to choose proper fabrics for a collection, to set tasks for tailors and constructors properly, and to monitor quality according to sketches. They learn names, textures and features of fabrics, visit textile stores, learn how to order fabrics with suppliers, and where it’s possible to save and where it should not be done. For a quality study of the topic, students pass through all stages of design from idea to a sketch and then to a ready product. This work forms a style of future brand, collections, it forms the designer.


3. Preparing to present own collection on fashion contests ( 3 month)

In the third part of the classes, students learn how to prepare own collection to fashion shows, how to find and cast models to participate in a contest, how to make professional photos necessary for a bright and memorable lookbook, how to pick video- and audio materials. They develop a plot and stylization of images, learn to create press releases, how and which materials to prepare for advertising, how to find first clients and make a way to TV and well known fashion magazines.

And the greatest bonus: you could ask all your questions and get as extended answers on them as possible, as well as incredible experience on the way to YOUR DREAM!

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Teachers of the class

Olena Mukovnina

The most interesting teacher of the classes “Apparel designer, stylist”, “Way of a modeler”, “From idea to implementation”. Being a perfectionist, Olena knows how to explain the topics of a course a way that allows students to get best results of their work. Olena had graduated from National university of Technologies and Design in Kyiv as «Designer, Artist and Modellier». A participant of fashion collection shows at Ukranian Fashion Week , Holiday Fashion Week , Ukranian Fashion Week (Fresh Fashion), «Fashion Seasons. New Names». A participant of fashion collection show in Ukrainian House under patronage of President of Ukraine, a «Week of Britain Creativity» in British Council of Kyiv, a winner of contest of young designers «Chestnuts of Pechersk» in «New Classic» nomination in Kyiv, a finalist of «Fashion Seasons – Sight in Future» National contest under international fashion festival “Kiev Podium” in Kyiv. Fashion designer in «Queen style» fashion house and «Cocktaile» image studio. Modeler-designer in «Clermont».

Graduates of our classes participate in contests, join fashion colleges and universities in Ukraine, Europe, America.

They create own brands and start own model lines.

Success stories of our students


Oksana was our talented student. Starting from the first lesson, she has defined her goals in the class. The main task was to improve her drawing skills and implement her ideas with a pencil in a best way. After successful completion of the class, Oksana has created own unique brand “Quiet Ocean”.


Tatevyk was a bright and very diligent student. She joined us to master her drawing skills.tateviksajt After 3 months in the class she has drawn a nice collection already.
Soon, Tatevyk has founded own brand “Tatev Shaheni bags”. See it in Faсebook: “Tatev Shaheni bags” and in Instagram: @tatevshahen. Also, you can buy her bags in fashion show rooms in Kyiv.


Katya was another talented student of FaVareli. She has joined the classes to extend her range of knowledge in the fashion world. After completing the classes, the teacher has recommended her to prepare to «Sight into the future» contest. We all cheer for her and believe in her success. Also, she has created a line of sleeping apparel recently, named “Blessed Homewear”. Katya posts her models in Facebook: Blessed Homewear and Instagram: @blessed_homewear.

Sign up and ask for the details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
or fill the feedback form: Sign up for online class «Way of modeler»