Preparation to Colleges and Universities

Preparation to Entering Creative Colleges and Universities

Do what you really love, gain professional creative skills and enjoy your study and job every day, pass the way of a modellier from a sketch to a show is a mature and responsible decision. If you know already where you will study after graduating a school, if you are fully determined to conquer the heights, teachers of art studio FaVareli will help you with your bravest decision. Your starting skill is not important, that’s your dream what is important!
Our teachers assist to prepare entering creative colleges and universities with individual programs – depending on the skills that you have already and the exams that you have to take. Not only little ones but also adults are welcome to pass special learning program in art school in Kyiv. We will review all subtleties, pay attention to each mistake, explain all the theory on any subject and never leave you without professional care. You will, fast and confident, sharpen your skills on graphic materials together with us, master the basics of composition, and take your exams with the highest scores.

Stages of preparation include:

  • Definition of current level of readiness. If you have own creative works, please bring them to the first lesson, this allows to estimate your skills and individual features better.
  • The target. Depending on the college or university that you want to enter, on exams that you need to take, and how much time we have to prepare, an optimal individual plan is created.
  • Stage-by-stage completion of tasks in the thematic of future exams.
  • Getting familiar with theoretical features of selected disciplines, techniques of using graphic materials and important details of each composition.

Sign up and ask for the details at:
Vodafone +38 (095) 542-95-75 Kyivstar +38 (068) 604-94-04 Viber +38(095) 542-95-75
or by feedback form: Sign up for preparation to a college or university

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