Young Interior Designer for children 8 to 16


Mondays, 5 PM to 8 PM

Duration of classes – 2 years x 9 months


A bright and full life is waiting for a person who tries to make the world around them better. What could be more important and interesting than to create beautiful things and make people happier? A long way in art could be started in very early age. Give your child a chance to change your home to better by joining the classes of interior design.

Skills that a child will master during the classes will absolutely be useful in adult life. But not only we speak about professional prospectives and technical skills. Students of our interior design school learn to work for the best of their loved ones. An aspiration to decorate home and surround themselves with aesthetic and comfortable things is a great rush of a young soul. And to cope with this task, one should learn to think freely and to express own ideas.

Don’t worry about our approach! Our teachers explain the subjects in a form of play or tell interesting stories. That’s how kids learn the basics and styles of interior design. As the result, they got deep enough knowledge to defend a thesis. As a final task of the interior design and decoration classes, we offer children to create an unique  design project.
Дизайн интерьера
Young authors will be trusted to create a layout of apartments or a business place united by a single style. This task will allow children to us the obtained knowledge and to develop their creative potential. A feel of style will tell the main idea, and colors, shapes and materials will become a theoretical base.

Our professional classes of interior design for children are great simulation of future education in universities. Here we prepare to entering design universities in individual and group format. This is unforgettable time, spent in a circle of like-minded people. A time of creative fearlessness, flight of mind, happiness of mastering new skills. Join any time, and enjoy your creativity!

«Young Interior Designer and Decorator» classes by art studio “FaVareli” will teach your kid to see beauty and feel harmony of surrounding world and implement their dreams to reality.

All children are born with their individual features and talents.

Attentive parents notice predispositions of their children early enough and manage to give them proper development with literate and, what’s especially important, interesting and developing classes. And classes of good manners for children will provide a base of future development.

Each lesson lasts 3 hours. At the beginning of each lesson, children study a theory, and then have practice. The program is combined with interesting stores about history of architecture and design, informative video and audio materials.

Short summary of the program:

  • Who is an interior designer and decorator
  • Which skills should interior designers have and which tasks should they solve
  • The concept of style, distinguishing features of styles
  • Design styles by directions: African, Antique,  Baroque, Chalet, Classic, Country, Eclecticism, Empire, Gothic, High-tech, Oriental, Provence, Roccoco, Vanguard, and others
  • Functional jobs of premises
  • Basics of composition and prospective
  • Sketching: premises, interior objects in different помещений, предметов интерьера в различных foreshortening (furniture, flowers, windows)
  • Work with acrylic, watercolor, gouache. Painting premises in mixed technics using and imitating different materials
  • Features of color in interior, Особенности цвета в интерьере, color perception, color wheel
  • Composition, sewing and decorating of curtains (roman blinds, curtains with lambricenes)
  • Choosing wallpapers, flooring, textile, decorations

As the final part of completing the classes, all students defend theses that include:

  • A fragment of apartments with individual design project
  • Selection of materials, textile, furniture, decorations
  • Own handmade decorative elements

Дизайн интерьера FaVareli studio uses own elaborations in the process, including fragments of premises,  rooms, furniture. Author designs of premises layouts and furniture are prepared by Honored Architect of Ukraine, Ivan Zhezhera.

All participants sign contracts for the classes. After signing a contract, new students receive all necessary materials and individual designer’s notepad. During the classes, children visit workshops and studios of famous Ukrainian interior designers, as well as cafes and art spaces, where they get familiar with styles of premises and features of interior. On completion of the classes, each participant receive a diploma from art design studio FaVareli.

Administrative questions:

All participants sign contracts for the classes.

Payments are due to day 10 of each month by bank transfer, according to a bill provided by a manager in the beginning of each month.

Discount of 5% if paid before day 5 of a month.

A payment covers 4 weeks of classes (12 hours of lessons per month)

Lessons missed due to school vacations, state holidays or sickness could be worked out in a parallel group by agreement with a teacher, or during special workout days, or online, or get a record of missed lesson.

Price in 2020/2021 school year – 1890 UAH per month.( 90$)

All administrative questions could be solved at:

Vodaphone +38(095) 542-95-75

Kyivstar +38(098) 604-94-04

After completing a school year and an exam, each participant gets a diploma from Art Design Studio FaVareli

Included are: all necessary materials to use during lessons in the studio.

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An architect, interior designer.

Graduated the Architecture department and Graduate school in National Academy of Arts and Architecture of Ukraine.

A practitioner, who implements dream level interiors.

Easily contacts children and makes their creative way interesting.

Positive and careful teacher, reliable assistant in learning all topics.

Base program – 9 months, 3 hours once per week

Group size – up to 8 students

Costs – 1890 UAH (equivalent of $70) per month

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